Director Nida Manzoor (2008) and Hounslow Diaries

"A bold, provocative, new comedy"

Hounslow Diaries on BBCiPlayer Hounslow Diaries on BBCiPlayer
Film Director Nida Manzoor's latest project 'Hounslow Diaries' is now available on BBCiPlayer. We really enjoyed it and it's definitely worth watching - here's BBC Comedy's rundown:
"Shaheeda, Tash and Leonie are three West London college students with big dreams, big attitudes, and big plans. From fights on the night bus to yet another 'family' wedding, mosque class to fake IDs, new hijab swags to cooking up schemes on Hounslow High Street, these girls are determined to have the best time - fun first, consequences second. Bouncing between being good, modern Muslim girls and living their best lives, they are three smart, young, Asian women in a bold, provocative, new comedy."
Nida has already won lots of different awards for her work as both a writer and a director. Follow her on Twitter to stay up to date.